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Everything to know about fly lines

Posted by Fishing Fly Box Staff on

Fly fishing is all about the fly line. It is the basic mechanic around the idea of fly fishing, using the line to cast the fly instead of the lure to cast the line. Making it a better way to imitate insects and other small creatures in the water.Picking a fly is an essential part of getting your fly fishing rig in top performance shape for the future fishing trips to come. Especially when each trip is a different targeted species. Fly lines, much like flies, come in all shapes in sizes for every type of fishing there is. 

The anatomy of a fly line starts with the head. The head of a fly line is what loads to the rod in order to cast the fly out into the water. Depending on what type of fly you are fishing with, dry or wet, the head can be super long and floating to a short sinking head. A good example of these differences are the Rio Technical Trout or a long triangle taper from Royal Wulff and the Rio Outbound Short sinking tip. The Technical Trout is a very good dry fly and even nymphing. it being a more stretched out thinner head lets it fall onto the water much more easily, not spooking fish. The Rio Outbound is a great big fly and streamer line that comes in both sinking line and floating line. It has a big fat head. intended to load the rod for long casts with big huge flies on the end of the line.

Next behind the head is the back taper which lets the head taper off the the running line or the line you usually strip with and what you most likely hand the most. On higher quality fly lines the head and back taper will be a neutral more natural color and the running line will be a brighter color so you know what parts you are casting out when you fish.

There are many brands of fly line out there but here at fishing fly box we only trust the best lines out there, Royal Wulff and Rio. Both are great lines that have been used for years by professional anglers all over the globe. Royal Wulff is one of the oldest fly fishing brands out there and are trusted by many out east. Having lines for you regular one handed fly rod for you regular brook trout in the stream behind your house to the saltwater spey casting line while fishing for tarpon off the Florida coast. Wulff is known for its triangle taper line. Comparing to the rio line, a short taper would be comparable to a fatter head on a fly line such as the outbound short and then a longer taper to the technical trout. In the end though, it's all about what you want to fish and how you fish it. 

Right now, you can get Royal Wulff Fly Lines on sale! Just check out our website! If you have any questions about the line or anything else just give us an email or call us!

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