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Importance of Sun Protection

Posted by Trevor Dubinski, Fishing Fly Box Staff on

As we all know, fly fishing is a year round sport. Especially with trout and steelhead swimming through the rivers in the winter while all the other fish are in deep holes waiting for the sun to pop out again. During these times though, the sun is a fisherman's worst enemy. The sun can turn the best fish trip to the worst in a matter of hours. Turning your skin lobster red and burning your eyes from the brightness. 

There are several things to avoid the intense rays from the glowing ball in the sky. One is to wear plenty of sunscreen. Sunscreen can be the difference between your skin peeling like a snake or having a nice tan to attract the ladies or guys. I recommend applying around every hour you are in the sun and if you get wet let your skin dry and then apply again. 

Another way to protect yourself is a neck gaiter. Neck gaiters are a cylindrical tube of cloth that you can put around your neck and pull it up to cover your neck, ears, and face. On top of protecting you, a good thing to do is to dip them in the water to keep yourself cool. Plenty of patterns are available on the website and also from winston! These patterns include, bauer reels, fish patterns, natural river camouflage, and many more. Winston's 'trout gaiter' sun protection is the top of the line neck gaiter. 

The ultimate sun protection is a hat. A good hat can make the difference between a good time on the water and a bad time. Personally, when guiding in the ozarks I wear a quick dry wide bill cap. I wear this with the neck gaiter as I mentioned before. Another hat that is good to wear is a wide brim sun hat that would protect your head, neck and face from the rays of the sun.

Like I said before, the sun can ruin a trip faster than anything, especially with the glare off the water from the sun. Always keep sun protection a priority in your mind!

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